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  • UltraKey 6 (30 to 59 stations)

    UltraKey 6 (30 to 59 stations)


    UltraKey 6 is the No.1 teacher recommended keyboarding tutor because it systematically teaches touch-typing and safe keyboarding using voice, 3D animation, video and virtual reality.
    UltraKey provides many options that adapt the instruction to the broadest range of age groups and special needs.
    When multiple licenses are purchased, UltraKey features a powerful IP-based learning management system that tracks and reports student progress across the school, the district, and the community.
    The new UltraKey 6 communicates with a server-based application called the UltraKey 6 Data Server. The communication uses Internet protocol (TCP/IP) thus allowing student progress to be easily monitored school and district wide. This makes UltraKey the most comprehensive district-wide solution for keyboarding instruction in schools.
    UltraKey 6 also features the ability to choose among 12 different themes to suit different learners. Given its broad range of adaptability, UltraKey 6 is the ultimate solution for young children, students with special needs and users who are visually impaired.
    Key features:
    •    It's success-based, not game-based.
    •    Photo-realistic graphics make UltraKey a high-definition experience.
    •    Voice-accompanied instruction is perfect for young children, students with ADD, and students who are visually impaired.
    •    12 colorful themes adapt UltraKey to age, learning styles and special needs.
    •    Integrated management and comprehensive reporting meets school and district needs.
    •    Customize the provided content and import your own.

    System Requirements:
    UltraKey is engineered to operate locally on Macintosh and Windows workstations or to be served from an application server. UltraKey is processor-optimized for terminal server operation. UltraKey automatically configures for varying screen size, including small-screen netbooks.
    •    Windows clients are designed for: 2000, 2003, XP, 2008, Vista, and Win 7 & 8.
    •    Macintosh clients are designed for: OS X 10.4 to Lion.Free technical support. Free updates for the major version.

    Prices are per station minimum 30

    Publisher:  Bytes of Learning
    Platform:  Mac/Win
    Media:  License - 30 to 59 stations
    Part Number:   90604SR4

    Price: $28.30