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  • SpectraLayers Pro 3 Academic

    SpectraLayers Pro 3 Academic


    SpectraLayers Pro 3 is the new standard in high-performance spectral editing applications. Fresh new features on every panel of its reworked interface take this edition to an entirely new level. Color-coded layers for better organization and visualization, new selection tool options for increased precision, and an easy copy and paste editing workflow are supported under the hood by core performance enhancements that make the editing process lightning fast and smooth as silk. The complete package adds up to a new paradigm, with huge breakthroughs in speed, feel, and accuracy. There's never been a better time to go spectral€immerse yourself in SpectraLayers Pro 3 for a dazzling audio editing experience that will open new horizons on every launch.

    Publisher:  Sony Creative Software
    Platform:  Mac/Win
    Media:  ESD
    Specifications:  Electronic Download - Serial # Delivered via Email
    Part Number:   66541

    Price: $199.95