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  • Movie Studio Suite 13 Academic

    Movie Studio Suite 13 Academic


    Movie Studio Suite brings four impressive Sony applications together to produce a complete multimedia experience. Create video in beautiful 4K XAVC S (Ultra HD) or AVCHD, develop original music, and enhance multichannel audio. Stylize your movies with high-quality video effects, transitions, titles, and filters. Create professional music productions with MIDI, effects processing, and audio recording tools. Record, edit, process, render, and share audio. Take control of your own creativity and make movies that matter. Weave your ideas into high-quality videos that can be uploaded directly to YouTube and Facebook or burned to a DVD or Blu-ray Disc!

    Publisher:  Sony Creative Software
    Platform:  Win
    Media:  Electronic Software Download - ESD
    Part Number:   57187

    Price: $69.00