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  • CorelDRAW Technical Suite Education Edition

    CorelDRAW Technical Suite Education Edition


    Empowering visually impactful technical communication. Benefit from the versatile authoring tools in CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2018, allowing you to create detailed assembly instructions, complex user manuals and multi-faceted documentation. Adapt and customize your design space to match your workflow needs and achieve unsurpassed productivity with new, high-caliber features. Make the most of your content by repurposing it from existing sources and get full support for technical standards to publish, share or print. The suite includes impressive photo-editing capabilities and innovative design tools. Our latest version offers faster processing and supports new hardware, OS capabilities, and the latest updates for Windows 10.

    Publisher:  Corel
    Platform:  Win
    Media:  DVD
    Part Number:   73007

    Price: $99.00