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Microsoft OVS-ES

Microsoft Open Value Subscription Education Solutions

This is a site/district license based on the number of full time and part time faculty & staff. This FTE (Full Time Equivalent) count allows installation on an unlimited number of school owned/leased devices. The agreement include Software Assurance Benefits.

When purchasing Office for the site, Microsoft provides zero charge Office 365 licenses for use at home. These licenses may be used by students, faculty and staff.

No more counting computers, just people
Site License with annual payments for better budgeting
Always have the latest version with downgrade rights to previous versions for older computers
Office Professional, Windows Upgrade Professional & Core CALs Campus wide and add-on titles like Windows Server®, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint® Server and Microsoft Project
The FTE Count | Full Time Equivalent

 The formula for determining the FTE is:
 Full time faculty + Full time staff + (Part time faculty / 3) + (Part time staff / 2) = Total FTE

What are the Core CALs (Client Access Licenses)

 The Core CALs included in the Desktop Education are:

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