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Netop Highlights

View a screenshot of each computer in the classroom from your own display, so you can follow your students’ work in real time
Communicate with your class screen-to-screen: chat, operate a student’s computer for them or demonstrate directly on their screens, all from your own computer
Turn Internet access on or off entirely, or just choose specific websites to block or allow
Select the applications you want your class to work in while blocking others
Distribute files, collect assignments and launch websites for the whole class in a click, saving lost transition time, so you can get more from your class period





Netop Versions

Netop Vision- The easiest and most effective way to teach with technology, Vision is the popular classroom management software proven to improve student performance. Whether your students use iPads or PCs, Vision provides on-screen demonstrations and teaching tools that ignite interest, focus attention and improve learning outcomes.

Netop Vision Pro - Want the best?  Vision Pro combines a powerful classroom management feature set with tools for blended learning and flipped classrooms.  Whether your students use PCs, Macs or other smart devices, Vision Pro provides unsurpassed demonstration, teaching and assessment tools that improve learning outcomes.

Netop Vision ME - Teaching in an iPad classroom?  Meet Vision ME, the new classroom workflow app that makes teaching with the iPad easier and more effective.  Present lessons, showcase student work, focus attention, share files, message students and assess learning. Vision ME is the all-in-one app that engages students and improves learning outcomes.

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