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Adobe License Programs

Adobe programs include K-12 license programs, individual institution licenses, which include nonprofit licenses. Three programs for licensing are Contract (CLP), Transactional (TLP) and Value Incentive Plan (VIP)

Contract Licensing

Adobe offers reduced entry level in the Contract program for academic institutions. Based on points, the entry is 5,000 points. You may mix and match to achieve this number.

Transactional Licensing

This program provides access to Adobe's software titles at a lower threshold. The points go from 1 to 4,999. We are happy to explain the two licensing options. Contact us for details on what best fits your organization's needs.

Value Incentive Plan - Creative Cloud for Teams | K-12 Site | Enterprise

This program provides the latest Adobe software. If you need Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro or other creative titles, this is the program for you.


Non-profit organizations must accomplish more with less. That's why we are proud to provide Adobe solutions that can help nonprofits maximize their limited time, money and manpower. Whether your organization needs to deliver services, spread a message, or raise funds, Adobe has software that can help. Save up to 60% off commercial prices. IRS determined 501c3 public charities may purchase individual licenses in the VIP Academic Program.